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Soil Carbon and Gidyea Management

Practical information for western Queensland on managing gidyea for pasture productivity, including fire and grazing practices; soil carbon and what it means to your enterprise; the carbon economy, the role of the Emission Reduction Fund, and insights on how to put together a project; and the virtues of the DCQ Prickly Acacia eradication program.

Barcaldine, Tuesday 30th May, Ken Wilson Pavilion at the Showgrounds – 8:30 am to 4:15 pm

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Be Flood Ready … Flood Safe.

If you live in, or close to, a flood prone area here is a great series of factsheets from the Regional Groups Collective and the Queensland Government on how to prepare yourself, your land, infrastructure and livestock for that inevitable flood.


Overview, People, Planning, Production, Infrastructure, Natural Assets, Natural Assets – Vegetation Clearing, Rubbish and Debris.

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We’re celebrating!

The Sesbania field day was a great success.   We celebrated 3 years of incredible advances in our fight to eradicate Prickly Acacia, including an 8-fold efficiency increase, 10-fold cost reduction, 99.96% kill rate, 8-fold grass cover increase, and a 15-fold grass biomass increase.



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