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Prickly Acacia Eradication ROI

Everyone wants to know what the return on investment (ROI) is for prickly acacia eradication.

Drone area 27

We know it’s worse than wild dogs, and as bad as drought (weeds in general cost Australian agriculture $4 billion annually, with at least another $4 billion hit to the environment; feral animals cost $743 million a year – wild dogs cost Queensland $50 million a year); and we know it spreads faster than rabbits.


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The misunderstood moggy

The CSIRO estimates there are 15 million feral cats in Australia… 15,000,000 x 23 = 345,000,000 native creatures per night. But let’s give the poor moggy a fair shake: let’s say the CSIRO can’t count, and there are only 10 million feral cats, and they really don’t have much of an appetite, only polishing off 10 native creatures per night, that’s still 100 million per night or 36.5 billion per year… maybe they don’t hunt on weekends.

Feral cat infographic

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Want a job with us?

We’re looking for a Casual Administration Officer (including finance support) to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  This position is until 30th June 2016 with the possibility of an extension.  If you’d like to join our dynamic Longreach team, contact Brittany Dickson on 4658 0600 or admin@dcq.org.au for application details and a full position description.  Applications close at 5:00pm, Monday 9th May 2016.



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