About Us

Desert Channels Queensland Inc (DCQ) is a community-based natural resource management body that works to ensure a sustainable social, economic and environmental future for the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin.

We have worked with the community to develop a natural resource management (NRM) plan,
Protecting Our Assets
, that addresses issues identified by the community. DCQ provides funding, information and technical support to help our community look after our natural assets now and for the future.

DCQ is a coming together of the community to ensure a sustainable future for the region. It is made up of a Board, staff and the community.


The DCQ community is all those people who call the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin home. Pastoralists, Indigenous groups, townspeople, industry, governments (local and State), and conservationists are all members of the DCQ community; they all have an interest in the future of the region.


The operations of DCQ are supported by
17 staff
based in Longreach. The staff members provide administrative, coordination, project management, mapping, information management, publications and communication support across all areas of DCQ work.

Wise management of natural resources

DCQ is a regional body that sources funding from the Australian and Queensland governments to assist land managers to sustainably manage the natural resources of
our region

We are one of
14 Queensland
56 Australia-wide
regional natural resource management bodies. These bodies are part of the regional arrangements between the Australian and state governments to deliver natural resource management programs across Australia.