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Annual General Meeting

Members and friends, don’t forget our AGM in the DCQ conference room, 3:00 on 5th December.  Pop in out of the heat and cast your vote (if you’re a member) or just say g’day to our board and tell they what you think are the priorities for natural resource management action in your part of the region – they value input from all parts of the community.

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GRAZING BMP (best management practice) – where does your enterprise sit?


“I’ve had a great time and I’m going to go home and definitely look at recording more information and what happens on our property to help us”
“I’m going to make sure our bulls are vaccinated”
“I’ve enjoyed the workshop and it’s been great to be with like-minded people. We are going to implement pain relief and later weaning”
“We’ll look at the breeding program and look closer at the reproductive performance of our herd”
“I am going to digest the information and then try and implement a fair bit of it. Heifer and cow management, bull management and fertility”
“I’m going to let it all sink in and then look closer at the bull management”
“I’ve enjoyed my time here … we are going to look at our bulls and look to get them Pestivirus tested before we buy”
“My take home message will be get a handle on the cost of our production”
“We will be looking further at the whole workplace health and safety issues on our property”
“We’ll be looking at joining our heifers separately as we haven’t done too much of that in the past”
“I’m going to go home and in a few weeks’ time start looking at the action plans”
“I’ve taking lots of advice and direction from all of the modules”
“It’s a little bit daunting of all the things we have to do now”
“What we are taking away is the workplace health and safety aspect as we have probably been a bit too slack for too long”
“What I like about the BMP program is you can go back to it afterwards”
“One thing we’ll do after this workshop is document our actions more”
“The information and content has been really relevant”
“The BMP program has been really effective in focussing me on the areas of the business we need to improve on”
“We have about 4 action items for each module as a result”
“I am now thinking our staff safety and the environment they operate in being far away from town and I’m thinking about putting in some towers for remote communications”
“So we will need to bite the bullet, spend the money and make sure everyone is safe”
“How can we now follow up on our building drought resilience project in this part of the world”

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Work with experts over one and a half days, in a workshop situation, to benchmark your grazing enterprise against whole of industry.

  • Identify and explore your enterprise’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Get the latest on information and legislation to help run a successful grazing business
  • Get technical advice to help give you that extra edge
  • No cost to producers – funded by the Queensland Government’s Building Drought Resilience Project

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Free food, flies, and verdant vistas!

If you’re one of the fortunate ones heading to Sesbania for the ‘Killing Prickly Acacia without going broke’ field day, you might find this map handy, as well as this program.


Safe travels and have fun!


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Killing Prickly Acacia without going broke!

Free food, flies, and verdant vistas!  Be at DCQ’s ‘Killing Prickly Acacia without going broke’ field day at 8:30am, 15th September at Sesbania, Corfield to see the amazing results of their radical program that has people talking from the back blocks to George Street and Canberra. Hear from landholders and other experts… be prepared to be amazed.

Sesbania Field Day 2013 (3)

RSVP by 12th September to 4658 0600 or to secure your place, and get directions.  BYO chair and aerogard; smokos, lunch and flies provided.


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NOMINATIONS – Landcare Legends Awards

We reckon the individuals or organisations who make stuff happen on the ground in Landcare or through the Landcare ethic, should be recognised.  That’s why we’re calling for nominations for our Landcare Legends Awards.  To be eligible, the activity must be undertaken in the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin, and the nominee must be a member of a Landcare group or have a demonstrated Landcare ethic.

Gidgee Field Day 055

There are four categories, and you can nominate here, or read on…


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Grant Funds for Cactus Chemical

If you’re a landholder or local government in the  Desert Channels Queensland, Southern Gulf NRM and South West NRM regions, you can apply for a grant to buy chemicals to treat cactus infestations on your land.  For more information on grant applications, call us on 4658 0600.

Jumping Cholla and other nightmares…

Coral Cactus, Snake Cactus, Rope Cactus, Hudson Pear, Tiger Pear, Prickly Pear and Jumping Cholla!  These are just a few of countless cactus species species that have begun their invasion of Australia’s semi-arid grazing lands.

Bexley Snake Cactus 10Snake cactus on an escarpment near Longreach.




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Prickly Acacia Eradication ROI

Everyone wants to know what the return on investment (ROI) is for prickly acacia eradication.

Drone area 27

We know it’s worse than wild dogs, and as bad as drought (weeds in general cost Australian agriculture $4 billion annually, with at least another $4 billion hit to the environment; feral animals cost $743 million a year – wild dogs cost Queensland $50 million a year); and we know it spreads faster than rabbits.


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Annual Report 14-15

Okay, so it’s late, and the reason for that is we’ve been concentrating on the important things like running projects.  But we’ve eventually got it done, and here it is, our 2014-2015 Annual Report.  Enjoy!

DCQ Annual Report 14-15 (cover large)


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The misunderstood moggy

The CSIRO estimates there are 15 million feral cats in Australia… 15,000,000 x 23 = 345,000,000 native creatures per night. But let’s give the poor moggy a fair shake: let’s say the CSIRO can’t count, and there are only 10 million feral cats, and they really don’t have much of an appetite, only polishing off 10 native creatures per night, that’s still 100 million per night or 36.5 billion per year… maybe they don’t hunt on weekends.

Feral cat infographic

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Want a job with us?

We’re looking for a Casual Administration Officer (including finance support) to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  This position is until 30th June 2016 with the possibility of an extension.  If you’d like to join our dynamic Longreach team, contact Brittany Dickson on 4658 0600 or for application details and a full position description.  Applications close at 5:00pm, Monday 9th May 2016.



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