DCQ Weeds of National Significance Area Management Plan

04/09/2015 Newsflash 2 Comments

To assist in the control of the Weeds of National Significance (WoNS), prickly acacia, parkinsonia, mesquite and rubber vine, DCQ obtained a WoNS Area Management Plan (AMP) in 2013.  The DCQ WoNS AMP can be viewed in full here.

This regulatory instrument allows landholders, under strict conditions, to control high density infestations of these weed species within stipulated areas of western Queensland.  They must provide conditions for the native vegetation to be maintained or restored to a functional regional ecosystem over time, and they con only undertake these activities on properties with an approved, current Desert Channels Queensland (DCQ) 5 Year Weed Plan with control areas, methodologies, monitoring and reporting identified.