Our community

The original inhabitants of the region were made up of 14 distinct language groups and were as much a part of the landscape as the natural resources on which they depended for survival.

The people of the region are today still tied to the seasons: rain brings optimism and promise to townspeople as well as the rural sector. Because of the economic dominance of the pastoral industry, if the ‘cockies’ are feeling the pinch, businesses in the towns are as well. It is a dynamic community, much changed from fifty years ago, with some changes being driven by economics; some by technology.

The region’s 14,500 inhabitants, scattered over more than 500,000 sq km, are stewards of a vast landscape rich in natural and cultural heritage, and immensely productive for pastoralism, mining, petroleum and tourism.

DCQ has also developed a
Community Information Paper
that provides more information on our community.

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