Environmental Values

Environmental values and water quality objectives – Thomson and Barcoo river catchments.

While most of us don’t dwell on why we value our rivers and streams, this is exactly the subject of a current survey being conducted by Desert Channels Group, to give locals a say in the management of our waterways.

Desert Channels Group is urging locals to take the rare opportunity to have input into state water management legislation, before the end of November.

Everyone has an opinion on what should be done in the management of our waterways, and here’s your chance to have input, and have your views play a major role in future management decisions.

Desert Channels Group is working with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and local communities to identify the social, economic, cultural and environmental values of the Thomson and Barcoo catchments.

The information gathered will be used to establish
environmental values and water quality objectives
to be included in a schedule of the
Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009

The environmental values and water quality objectives being developed, based on the opinions and views of local residents, will take precedence over Queensland Water Quality Guidelines when decisions are being made under this Water Policy.

It’s not often we get asked what we think about issues in regards to Government legislation, so we should all be having our say while we can.

Feedback to date has been drafted into a
Community Consultation Report
highlighting the environmental values for the two river systems. We are still seeking feedback on this draft report before submitting the final draft to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. Click on the link above to view the draft report.

You can download and complete
this feedback form
, call Helen Cross on 4658 0600 or email
with your comments, or to find out more and have your say before it closes on Friday 30th November 2013.

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