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Feed your mind: feed your body… be inspired and informed – and get a free feed – at DCQ’s Audreystone Field Day, Barcaldine, on Wednesday, 21st March from 8 to 5 (follow the signs on the Saltern Creek road). And BYO chair. REGISTER HERE!  

Like all our field days, there is no associated charge… this one is funded by the National Landcare Program and Queensland Regional NRM Investment Program.

Find out about: 

  • gidyea encroachment control
  • total grazing management – impact of stock and kangaroos
  • feed budgeting – maximising returns while managing grass
  • land condition assessment – measuring the impacts of your decisions


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Our rare, elusive Night Parrot is under enormous threat from the most ruthless and efficient hunter this continent has ever seen.  Researchers estimate there are 15 million feral cats in Australia, each eating up of 23 native creatures (including insects) per night.  If we dial those numbers back to 10 million cats and 10 creatures per night we still get 100,000,000 victims per night, or 36.5 billion per year.  We cannot afford to allow our amazing Night Parrots to become part of those statistics.  That’s why we’re fundraising for humane cat traps to be located around the only known Night Parrot population, smack bang in the middle of our region.  We’re working with Bush Heritage Australia to ensure the survival of this wonderful bird. Please help by donating here.

Feral cat infographic

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The ground-dwelling Night Parrot is extremely rare.  There is only one known, tiny population, and it is at the mercy of the most efficient and ruthless killer this country has ever seen… the feral cat.

Night Parrots need your help now!

Night Parrot Donate

Your donation will help provide the latest, high-tech, humane, cat traps to ensure Night Parrot territory is feral cat free.

Donate now to keep our Night Parrots safe!


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