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Desert Fishing Lessons: adventures in Australia’s Rivers

Adam Kerezsy 
9781742582528, UWA Publishing, October 2011, 240pp, PB , 235x155mm
Price: AUD$34.95(AUD$31.77 ex-tax)

‘I spend an inordinate amount of time grubbing around muddy waterholes and rivers, thinking about the why and how of fish that live in specific areas…Fish and deserts are unusual bedfellows, but that’s the way it is.’In Desert Fishing Lessons, Kerezsy takes us on a rollicking journey through our arid-zone waterways and introduces us to the ‘tough-as-nails critters’ that live in them; he shows us that we have much to learn from our healthy desert rivers, presents a compelling case to preserve them, and, using them as his guide, he outlines ways in which we can prevent further degradation of the Murray-Darling.

Women on Top – against the odds – $29.95

In Women on Top – against the odds, tenacious and determined business women, Sally Healy and Terri M Cooper, reveal their early struggles and the key strategies which enabled them to eventually establish thier own thriving national businesses. This book exposes the truth behind their hard won success; it is the frank and honest book they both wish they could have found when they were strong young women with dreams of independence, sometimes succumbing to doubt and dealing with the unforseen hardships life dealt to them.

Sally and Terri also invited a collection of respected women, including Leanne Kohler, CEO of the Desert Channels Group, to reveal their tough true journeys, encouraging you to travel your higher path, lighting the way for others as you go.

Women on Top (product number BK005) $29.95

Lake Eyre Basin Map – $40.00

($25.00 for Basin residents, contact DCQ ph 07 46580600) Plus $15 postage and packaging in Australia

This colourful poster map(1108mm x 867mm) is surrounded by more than 40 photos and and loads of information about rivers and wetlands, plants and animals, climate, terrain, towns,homestead names, Aboriginal lands, parks and reserves, land use, the management of natural resources in the Lake Eyre Basin and more. All proceeds go towards raising awareness of this unique part of Australia.

Lake Eyre Basin Map (product number MP001)  $40.00

Frogs of the Lake Eyre Basin – $19.95

Frogs of the Lake Eyre Basin – A Field Guide, is a 140 page handbook that will satisfy the curious naturalist in all of us. The concise text is supported by vibrant photographs of the 44 native frog species of the Lake Eyre Basin as well as the omnipresent Cane Toad. This easy to use reference book is all you’ll need to whet your appetite for the diverse, unusual and surprising frog life in this, the driest part of our continent.

Frogs of the Lake Eyre Basin (product number BK004)  $19.95 

Snakes of Western Queensland – $19.95

Snakes of Western Queensland – A Field Guide, is an easy-to-use reference book for travellers, naturalists and locals alike. The technically correct and simply presented information in this 136 page handbook is a great way for either the expert or lay-person to get better acquainted with the snakes of the region. It’s an excellent addition to the glove-box, bookshelf or library and includes over 100 vibrant, full-colour photographs.

Snakes of Western Queensland (product number BK001)  $19.95

Snakes of Western Queensland book cover shot

Growing Outback Gardens book cover shot


Growing Outback Gardens – $19.95

These 116, full-colour, practical, how-to pages set you on the journey to making an attractive garden that can cope with the harsh extremes of the Outback environment. With a combined four decades in the Outback, and having conducted numerous gardening workshops over the last 3 years, authors Mike Chuk and Jeff Poole take you through how to plan a garden, select plants, irrigation systems, mulches, worms, vegetables fruits and flowers. What more could you ask for if you’re into sowin’ things and growin’ things?

Growing Outback Gardens (product number BK002)  $19.95 

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Desert Channels cards

Beautiful, multi-purpose cards featuring plants, animals, birds and scenes of the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin.
These cards are 15 cm X 10 cm when closed and come in packs of 2 (as shown below) complete with envelopes.


Pack 1 – (product number CP001) $4.95


Pack 2 (product number CP002) $4.95


Pack 3 (product number CP003) $4.95

Nesting budgerigars

Pack 4 (product number CP004) $4.95

Nesting budgerigars

Pack 5 (product number CP005) $4.95

Pack 6 (product number CP006) $4.95


Pack 7 (product number CP007) $4.95


Pack 8 (product number CP008) $4.95

Having trouble choosing? Why not get all 8 packs (16 cards)?

Combination pack (product number CP009)  $29.95

Growing Outback Gardens book cover shot

Weeds and Problem Plants of the Channel Country – $5.00

$8 postage and handling. This booklet was produced by the Channel Landcare Group and the Georgina Diamantina Catchement Committe and authored by Rhondda Alexander. The original print run was funded and was distributed cost free, the following print runs were not funded and are priced at a ‘cost recovery’ rate of $5.00. There are 137 pages, full-colour and spiral bound of information on Channel Country trees, shrubs, grasses, forbes, cacti and water. The introduced species, poisonous or problem plants and Weeds of National Significance or plants that are potential weeds are all marked.(as at 2006)

Weeds & Problem Plants of the Channel Country (product number BK004) $5.00

Westering – bush verse of Western Queensland – $12

Westering, an 80 page collection of bush verse of western Queensland, exudes passion for the outback and a love of the land, its lifestyle and its people. Foreworded by bush legend, RM Williams, Westering paints a vivid picture of wide horizons and a way of life, far from the confines of civilisation, that is rapidly disappearing. Penned by former Australian Champion performance bush poet, Mark Kleinschmidt, Westering won the Golden Gumleaf, Bush Laureate Book of the Year in 1998 and has gone on to sell over 10,000 copies. Fifteen great illustrations support its 45 poems, all epitomising what tens of thousands flock to see every year … the outback!

Westering – bush verse of Western Queensland (product number BK003)  $12.00
Cover shot of Westering - bush verse of Western Queensland