Our Community Plans

Your plan your feedback

A draft of the next version of the Desert Channels Queensland (DCQ) Natural Resource Management (NRM) plan is currently available for your feedback. It will guide investment in the region for the next five years, so it is important that everyone has their say.

This third version of our NRM plan will be in effect from 2016 until 2020. Targeted community consultation has already occurred including stakeholder and community meetings. This has provided information to rework the NRM plan into a new structure and update the corresponding ‘Community Information Paper . The Community Information Paper provides a summary of the issues relating to the DCQ region, such as legislation or scientific studies on our natural resources.

Receiving additional community feedback now that the plan is drafted will ensure that the plan adequately reflects the community’s aspirations.

The major change to this version of the plan is the inclusion of targeted management actions in certain areas that are displayed on individual maps. These actions are developed to clearly identify where investment is required within the region under any of the three themes of natural resources, industry or community. This information provides the community with a clear overview of where investment is required to sustain our natural resources.

Read the draft plan

You are invited to view the draft NRM plan for 2016-2020, and to make comments if you wish. This feedback form guides you through some set questions, as well as providing opportunity for other feedback.

Remember to use the navigation page on page 2 of the draft NRM plan to quickly jump to areas of interest.   For more background on the draft NRM plan and the initial results from the targeted community consultation, please refer to the updated Community Information Paper.

If you would like to discuss the draft NRM plan, contact Andrew Burrows on 0429 616 090 or andrew.burrows@dcq.org.au.

Our Existing Community Plans

Our current DCQ NRM plan (2010-2015) is in its last year of operation.   It reflects the issues identified in 2010 by our community as being important, along with the actions to be taken to sustainably manage the natural resources of their region.

The six highest-ranking issues identified by the community were (in order of priority):

  • Weeds/feral animals
  • Vegetation management
  • Grazing pressure/Pasture management/Safe carrying capacity
  • Surface water management
  • Land degradation
  • Viability/economics

Other issues identified by the community were (in alphabetical order):

  • Biodiversity Conservation / Endangered Species
  • Chemical Contamination / Waste Management / Pollution
  • Climate Risk and Drought
  • Diversification
  • Education / Awareness
  • Great Artesian Basin
  • Indigenous Land Management
  • Lack of data
  • Mining and Petroleum
  • Property Management Practices / Planning
  • Salinity
  • Security of Tenure
  • Streamline Ecology
  • Tourism
  • Wildlife use / harvesting

The 2010-2015 plan is an update of our first NRM plan (2004-2009) which was in effect from 2004 and 2009. This initial plan had a range of other planning documents to support its development and implementation.   These include:

Below is a list of the current and historical planning documents used by DCQ to guide sustainable natural resource management across the 510,000 square kilometre Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin.

Attachment Size
DCQ Plan (2004-2009).pdf 1.15 MB
DCQ Regional Investment Strategy (2004-2007).pdf 702.95 KB
Community Information Paper (2004-2015).pdf 1.27 MB
DCQ Regional NRM Plan 2010.pdf 2.09 MB
Biodiversity plan 2012-2017part 1.pdf 1.95 MB
Biodiversity plan 2012-2017part2.pdf 1.58 MB
Draft DCQ NRM PLAN (2016-2020).pdf 3.6 MB
Community Information Paper (2015-2020).pdf 2.09 MB