Our Staff

The staff members provide administrative, coordination, project management, mapping, information management, publications and communications support across all areas of Desert Channels Queensland, DC Solutions and the Desert Channels Foundation work.

For general enquiries phone (07) 4658 0600. Fax: (07) 4658 0122.

Staff contacts

Leanne Kohler's picture
Leanne Kohler
Chief Executive Officer
Brittany Dickson's picture
Brittany Dickson
Finance Officer (on leave)
Shelleagh Hunt's picture
Shelleagh Hunt
Financial Manager
Peter Spence's picture
Peter Spence
Field Operations Officer
Doug Allpass' picture
Doug Allpass
Regional Landcare Facilitator
Jason Dolgner's picture
Jason Dolgner
Field Team Leader
Vol Norris
Position Title:
Project Manager
roger.taiki@dcq.org.au's picture
Roger Taiki
Field Officer
Vicki Burden
Finance Officer
Alun Hoggett's picture
Alun Hoggett
Digital Producer / Project Manager
jason.smith@dcq.org.au's picture
Jason Smith
Field Officer