Desert Channels Foundation protects and preserves the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin, home to one of the world’s largest inland river systems - it covers one-third of Queensland.

The job we have is not an easy one. One of our biggest battles is Prickly Acacia.

Right now, this noxious weed covers 33 million hectares of Queensland.

To put that in perspective, the recent fires in New South Wales, burnt through 18 million hectares.

As big as our job is, you’ve probably never heard of us, or Prickly Acacia.

An innocent bystander to this invasive weed is our little friend, the Julia Creek Dunnart. Her home is slowly being overrun by Prickly Acacia which has, unfortunately, put her on the endangered list.

Desert Channels Foundation relies on donations to do its work, but one-third of Queensland is a huge area, so we need your help.  We are asking for donations to continue the fight against Prickly Acacia, and to bring this captivating little Dunnart back from the brink of extinction.

For more information about Desert Channels Queensland and the work we do click here.

From this little Dunnart to you,