E-Beef Smart Farm

If you’re a progressive cattle producer, this might interest you…

Are you keen to:

  • utilise walk-over weighing technology to record weekly cattle performance?
  • access regular remote sensed modelled pasture data to assist in making critical grazing management decisions?
  • undertake a confidential business analysis to assess the impact of those decisions on your profitability?

Do you implement a high standard of grazing and herd management practices?

Are you prepared to read, understand and manage stock according to the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle?

Are you willing to share your experience with other producers as a contribution to improving industry wide performance?

The E-Beef Smart Farm Project is seeking Expressions of Interest from motivated graziers who are willing to host a demonstration property, or participate in a learning group (Innovation Hub) or trial new technology and are implementing sound management practices.

The project is being implemented across three NRM regions: Desert Channels Queensland, Southern Gulf NRM and Northern Gulf Resource Management Group. Each NRM region will establish two E-Beef Smart Farm demonstration properties– six demonstration properties in total.

The project will aim to ensure E-Beef Smart Farms are distributed in the north-west Queensland landscape and represent a diversity of land types and grazing systems.  The E-Beef Smart Farm Project will combine multiple technologies to record and analyse the performance of cattle and pasture and the bearing this has on business performance on the demonstration properties. It will demonstrate how the enterprise can benefit from aligning pasture performance with cattle performance and the impact it has on business performance.

The technologies being implemented on E-Beef Smart Farms will be remote walk-over-weighing auto-drafting technology; remote sensing modelled pasture data using satellite technology; and business analysis through the AgriHive FarmEcco benchmarking system.

Individual cattle liveweights will be averaged over a week and reported weekly. The modelled pasture data will be available weekly or fortnightly. The timeliness of the data will allow the manager to make critical decisions earlier. Business analysis will demonstrate the links between management decisions and their impact on profitability using current stock values.

At the end of the three-year Project, the graziers who have kindly offered their property for demonstration purposes and field days, and provided access to their data, will become the owners of the equipment.

Positions are limited, so to be considered, you must complete and return the relevant Expression of Interest form:

Round 1

Round 2

Submissions close Wednesday 19th June 2019.