E-Beef Technology Trial

Interested in trialling new technology for cattle grazing?

E-Beef Project is looking for landholders or commercial operators who want a helping hand to get the next great tool for beef production systems off the ground.

We are looking for landholders or commercial suppliers who want to trial new technology to support cattle grazing enterprises.

This may include anything from implementing new methods to track stock such as GPS monitoring devices, to finding new ways to connect to the network.

The type of support includes:

•           up to $50,000

•           use of existing project staff to help establish contacts with landholders and implement the trials

•           access to a range of extension opportunities including field days and videos

Applications with co-contributions will be viewed more favourably.  All proposed trials must be in the Southern Gulf, Northern Gulf or Desert Channels regions.

Applications close 14th October 2019.E-Beef Smart Farm EOI_October 2019

To apply, or for further information, click here.  Or contact Andrew Burrows (0427 427 966 or andrew.burrows@dcq.org.au)

The E-Beef project is a partnership between Southern Gulf, Northern Gulf and Desert Channels NRM bodies along with Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

The project is funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Smart Farming Partnerships Program, a component of the National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.