Grazing BMP

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  • Grazing BMP is a standardised system of benchmarking your grazing management practices against the whole industry.
  • Identify and explore your enterprise’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Get the latest on information and legislation to help run a successful grazing business
  • Get technical advice to help give you that extra edge
  • No cost to producers – funded by the Queensland Government’s Building Drought Resilience Project
  • Complete all 5 Grazing BMP modules in one manageable block over one and a half days

DCQ is proud to be partnering with Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to deliver another workshop for producers in the region.

“I’ve had a great time and I’m going to go home and definitely look at recording more information and what happens on our property to help us”
“I’m going to make sure our bulls are vaccinated”
“I’ve enjoyed the workshop and it’s been great to be with like-minded people. We are going to implement pain relief and later weaning”
“We’ll look at the breeding program and look closer at the reproductive performance of our herd”
“I am going to digest the information and then try and implement a fair bit of it. Heifer and cow management, bull management and fertility”
“I’m going to let it all sink in and then look closer at the bull management”
“I’ve enjoyed my time here … we are going to look at our bulls and look to get them Pestivirus tested before we buy”
“My take home message will be get a handle on the cost of our production”
“We will be looking further at the whole workplace health and safety issues on our property”
“We’ll be looking at joining our heifers separately as we haven’t done too much of that in the past”
“I’m going to go home and in a few weeks’ time start looking at the action plans”
“I’ve taking lots of advice and direction from all of the modules”
“It’s a little bit daunting of all the things we have to do now”
“What we are taking away is the workplace health and safety aspect as we have probably been a bit too slack for too long”
“What I like about the BMP program is you can go back to it afterwards”
“One thing we’ll do after this workshop is document our actions more”
“The information and content has been really relevant”
“The BMP program has been really effective in focussing me on the areas of the business we need to improve on”
“We have about 4 action items for each module as a result”
“I am now thinking our staff safety and the environment they operate in being far away from town and I’m thinking about putting in some towers for remote communications”
“So we will need to bite the bullet, spend the money and make sure everyone is safe”
“How can we now follow up on our building drought resilience project in this part of the world”




Where & when:

  • Blackall (1 / 2 August) – Blackall Cultural Centre

The first day runs from 8:30 to 4:30; the second day from 8:30 to 12 noon, so you’ll have plenty of time to have a yarn then drive home.

  • Lunch and smokos provided
  • Positions limited and will fill fast so register now.

What is covered:


Grazing land management – David Phelps (Dept. Agriculture and Fisheries): managing the land resource / managing grazing pressure / paddock sizes and stocking rates / mapping / land capability / monitoring land condition / fencing to land type / water infrastructure / biodiversity / vegetation management / weeds and pest animals





Animal production – Tim Emery (Tropical Beef Technology Services): land capability / markets / reproduction / weaning / nutrition / genetics / production system suitability / cattle performance / breeding objectives / bull selection / heifer management





People and business – Peter Whip (PRW Agribusiness): financial risk management / succession planning / business performance analysis / work/life balance / effective communication / shared goals and objectives / data collection / ongoing education / labour and legal requirements




Animal health and welfare – Dept. Agriculture and Fisheries: health management program / extreme weather / predation / biosecurity / animal welfare / transport / diseases / vaccines / parasites / droughts and floods / weed seed hygiene / stock handling facilities





Soil health – Bruce Alchin (Bruce Alchin & Associates): structure and characteristics / chemical properties / ground cover / biology / mapping / soil flora and fauna / nutrients / soil and land types / ground cover / salinity




  • Update on new Bovine Johnes Disease regulations, including interstate transport and export (Dept. Agriculture and Fisheries)
  • Insight into assessing pasture and vegetation changes (Desert Channels Queensland)

Register online here.  For more information, or to register over the phone, contact Doug Allpass on 4652 7814 or Kiri Broad on 4536 8301.