Gydia Park ‘Brunners’ Field Day

28/08/2019 Field Day 0 Comments

See the future of grazingĀ at the Gydia Park ‘Brunners’ field day on Friday, 4th October at Brunners outstation dam, Isisford (register here, or further details below).

It’s all about the future of the grazing industry – how we use technology and best practice to get the best from our land, while looking after it and ourselves.

Register here to join us at Brunners outstation of Gydia Park fromĀ 8:30 am to 1:00 pm on Friday, 4th October, 2019, and feast your eyes on:

  • The E-Beef Smart Farm project
  • Walk-Over-Weigh technology
  • Direct Injection Technologies water medication systems
  • Remote monitoring technology
  • Agrihive financial analysis software, Farmecco
  • Rural drone utilisation
  • Pasture identification walk
  • Grazing management discussion
  • Agforce update
  • Gidyea control and vegetation management laws update
  • Misting (chemical application) weed control demonstration

To find the Brunners Dam E-Beef site entrance from:

  • Isisford – take the Isisford Yaraka River Road toward Yaraka for 14 km, keeping right to continue southwest on Ruthven Rd for a further 29 km, (site turnoff 1.5 km before the junction with the Thirty Mile River Road);
  • Yaraka – 69 km north via the Isisford-Yaraka River Road and the Thirty Mile River Road; or
  • Bimerah – take the Isisford-Bimerah Road for 40 km, turn right onto the Glenlock Road for 3 km, left onto the Thirty Mile River Road for 13 km, then left onto Ruthven Road for 1.5 km.

Look for the E-Beef field day signs.

  • Smokos and lunch provided
  • Bookings are essential
  • Secure your spot by phoning DCQ on 4658 0600 or call Kate Paterson on 0427 427 969.
  • If you prefer to book online, you can do it here.