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Supply of aircraft and professional aerial shooting services

Desert Channels Queensland invites tenders from qualified firms for the provision of suitable aircraft and qualified professional staff to undertake an aerial shoot to be conducted on defined parts of the Cooper Creek, Farrar’s Creek and Diamantina River, Queensland. Applicants must have experience in working remote arid conditions.

To obtain a copy of the full specification please contact Christine O’Brien on (07) 4652 7833 or
. Tenders are to be submitted on the response forms provided and must be received by 5:00pm AEST, Monday 13 April 2015.

LAKE EYRE BASIN – Australia’s unique, natural, desert river system

Healthy environments, sustainable industries, vibrant communities, adaptive cultures.

Given DCQ’s position of sustainably managing natural resources across the largest single portion of the Lake Eyre Basin, and that the Queensland rivers of the Basin are the most significant contributors to the Lake itself, it was hardly surprising that we have been invited by the Australian Government to supply regional facilitator services to the Lake Eyre Basin. It is also not surprising that we have engaged the Vol Norris to deliver this service.

If you don’t hear from Vol over the coming months, and you’d like to talk to him, contact him via
, at
Vol Norris Shared Journeys
, or 0427 440 799.

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