Indigenous Engagement

Since its formation in 2002, Desert Channels Group has developed strong and enduring relationships with Indigenous groups and individuals across the region. In particular, DCG supported the development of the Georgina Diamantina Coopers Aboriginal Group (GDCAG) which represents the major language groups of the region.

We continue to work closely with the GDCAG to ensure that Indigenous people have a voice in the management of the region’s natural resources.

To assist in this process, we have developed an over arching
Aboriginal Engagement Strategy,
as well as individual engagement strategies for each of our three environmental program areas funded by the Australian Government:
High-value Environmental Area Targets (HEAT)
Channel Country Feral Pig Control
, and
Weed Outlier

These engagement strategies can be found
here for HEAT
here for Channel Country Pigs
here for Weed Outlier

The following groups are represented on the GDCAG:

  • Pitta Pitta
  • Indjilandji
  • Maiawali Karuwali
  • Iningai Custodian
  • Bidjara
  • Yelluna
  • Koa
  • Kalkadoon
  • Waluwarra
  • Kuunkarri
  • Boonthamurra
  • Wankamurra
  • Wankamuddla
  • Yirendali
  • Mithaka
  • Wankangurru

An archival data base can be found
for more information on people in the region.

News articles:

Plan and Strategy Updates

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