The Basin Bullet

The Basin Bullet e-zine, launched in late 2005, was the brain-child of journalist and editor, Bruce Honeywill.  Renowned for its independent voice, thought-provoking articles and controversial angles, the Bullet was retired after the February 2013 edition.  A slimmer, less time-consuming alternative, Upfront Outback, was launched in November 2013.

Basin Bullet
February 2012 Basin Bullet

Bullet (February 13)

wild rivers no more?, to infinity… and beyond, no opinions just fact

November 2012 Basin Bullet

Bullet (November 12)

fencing off dingoes, where is the Outback?, 50 shades of Durham, mesopredators and trophic cascades

April 2012 Basin Bullet

Bullet (April 12)

Sus scrofa on the Fly, Green Army, Mythbusters, Unwanted gudgeon, New board member, Our busy backyard

Wild western rivers (Bullet cover - Feb 2012)

Bullet (February 12)

who’s wild about what?, divided we fall, all too easy, convict link, deciphering, sugar and spice

December 2011 Basin Bullet

Bullet (December 11)

blazes everywhere, words on the wind, Kindy gardens, feral pigs, aerial surveys, Landcare in schools, cloud computing

October 2011 Basin Bullet

Bullet (October 11)

Common people; common lands, let the good times roll, Black Toyota supports DCG, aerial stunner wins calendar prize, everyone needs a wife

August 2011 Basin Bullet

Basin Bullet (August 2011)

Bearded man and burning bush, play mister for me, speaking with a lisp, eating the pulse

April 2011 Basin Bullet

Bullet (April 11)

Rat invasion, star-gazing, why mothers are special, the new frontier of information management, assisting landholders

February 2011 Basin Bullet

Bullet (February 11)

Global food crisis, dinosaurs at Lark Quarry, Cash for Christmas, Lisa Winter, sponge cake

December 2010 Basin Bullet

Bullet (December 10)

medical evacuation, weed seed spread, Mike Chuk, new staff, ice-cream pudding

October 2010 Basin Bullet

Bullet (October 10)

fire season, toad census, resourceful women, Lake Eyre Basin map, Uluru, spicy Burmese

August 2010 Basin Bullet

Bullet (August 10)

Holy Grail, Landcare commitment, low carbon carnage, tech-heads reign, poet in paradise

June 2010 Basin Bullet

Bullet (June 10)

wild about rivers, flight of fancy, making hay, desert rat catchers, making tracks, exploring the basin

April 2010 Basin Bullet

Bullet (April 10)

do you mine? – grasshoppers – skilling for the future – pea & ham

February 2010 Basin Bullet

Bullet (February 10)

boom or bust – kangaroos – parkinsonia dieback – Stock routes – floodwaters – heaven over health

November 2009 Basin Bullet

Bullet (November 09)

Stock routes – Landcare ladies – end of life as we know it – exploring the Basin – the saga of Cecil – great feast aftertaste

August 2009 Basin Bullet

Bullet (August 09)

Landcare Leader – Common ground on water – What the hell is going on? – Gidyea – Exploring our Basin

May 2009 Basin Bullet

Bullet (May 09)

Wild about rivers – Foreign money – People, passion and profit – Harvesting the heavens – Fields of knowledge

Bullet (March 09)

Son of the Barcoo – Dear Brisbane – Living on the Edge – DCQ news – The Thomson Queen – The Nose Bag

Bullet (December 08)

It’s a wrap for 2008 – The secret landscape exposed – DCQ dragons – Pigs will fly!

Bullet (September 08)

DCQ makes a splash! – The battle continues – Dr Duck gets a gong – Planning the next decade – A hot topic in the tropics

Bullet (May 08)

Mixing it on the mesa – Weed seeds in the Tropics – Green thumbs for the brown times

Bullet (December 07)

Is our island too small? – Spoilbank: a testimonial – DCQ new blood

Basin Bullet (October 2007)

Camel problem collared – Pixies in the garden – Breeding like rabbits

Bullet (June 07)

Water in the desert – Growing good gardens – In search of the Holy Grail

Bullet (April 07)

A new look at Traditional Knowledge – Will camels replace cattle? – Good oil on bad wood – Weeds grenade

Bullet (March 07)

Cute (?) toads – Art is everywhere – A recipe for all seasons

Bullet (February 07)

Its all about water!

Bullet (December 06)

From sleighbells to surveillance…

Bullet (September 06)

Out with the old, in with the new: DCQ walks the walk!

Bullet (May 06)

Sabotage: Vaughan Johnson: “a despicable act of bastardry by a gutless coward!”

Bullet (April 06)

Wild Rivers controversy heats up

Bullet (February 06)

Feral pig control – New Park’s man – Major Mitchel cockatoos – Doctor Duck – Rough Reds

Bullet (December 05)

The sheds are burning – Big dreams – Movie making – When brown is black – Christmas wish

Bullet (November 05)

Mulesing and the politics of wool.

Bullet (October 05)

Horror Stories – Dingo – Wild Rivers – Strike!

Bullet (September 05)

Tourism challenge – Winning hearts and minds – Landcare win – Head-turner – Pigeon hunt – Hot and sweet