Misting Trials

Expanding the Capability of Misting Herbicide Application for Woody Weeds in the Rangelands is a $367,840 project funded by the Australian Government through the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

This project has seen the trialling of agricultural misters for the application of herbicides with a focus on Prickly Acacia, Bellyache Bush and Rubber Vine, and is part of our ongoing commitment to develop new and improved tools and technologies to control established pest plants.  Our work is focused on non-native plants that pose a threat to ecosystems, habitats or native species in their natural surroundings, and that have a negative impact on the grazing productivity our rangelands.

Our aim is to increase the tools and technologies that can be adopted by land managers to control significant pest plants.

The image below shows, from left to right, Prickly Acacia trial sites, Rubber Vine before treatment, Bellyache Bush undergoing treatment, and Bellyache Bush after treatment.

As part of this project, we’ve produced two instructional videos, one for Prickly Acacia, another for both Bellyache Bush and Rubber Vine.

We have also produced a misting fact sheet for each of Bellyache BushPrickly Acacia and Rubber Vine, all of which are Weeds of National Significance.

To assist misting practitioners, here are our three operational manuals: one each for Prickly Acacia, Bellyache Bush and Rubber Vine.

And here is an example of extension activities undertaken.