The ground-dwelling Night Parrot is extremely rare.  There is only one known, tiny population, and it is at the mercy of the most efficient and ruthless killer this country has ever seen… the feral cat.

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The Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) was once widespread across inland Australia, but pastoral settlement with its accompanying suite of feral animals, particularly the cat, saw Night Parrots disappear by 1900.  While there was a smattering of accepted sightings across the 20th century, in many quarters it was thought to be extinct.

Regardless, finding a live bird was considered the holy grail of the birding community.

A dessicated carcass was found beside a road north of Boulia in 1990, then another on a fence at Diamantina National Park in 2006… they had to be out there somewhere.

Finally, in 2013, and after a search spanning several decades, naturalist John Young managed to locate and photograph a specimen, he also collected feathers which, through DNA testing, proved that he had, indeed, found the enigmatic, elusive Night Parrot.

Dr Steve Murphy has since been researching the bird’s biology and habitat, and has identified feral cats and wildfires as the greatest threat to them.  Nearby stock fences are also a danger given the low visibility of the wires at night, and the resulting likelihood of wire strike and impalement on the razor-sharp barbs.

Bush Heritage Australia has taken up the cause.  By purchasing 56,000 hectares of surrounding country and creating Pullen Pullen Reserve, Bush Heritage has secured the only known Night Parrot population.  To protect the bird from enthusiastic bird watchers, and potential collectors and smugglers, the location, for now, will remain a secret to all but a select few.  Pullen Pullen is the Maiawali name for the Night Parrot, and the reserve is on their traditional  country.

Desert Channels Foundation has been working with both Dr Murphy and Bush Heritage on practical Night Parrot conservation measures, and none is more practical than reducing the number of feral cats in Night Parrot territory.  But we need additional, humane cat traps out there, so won’t you join the groundswell of Night Parrot champions? Donate now!