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The Desert Channels Region

The Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin has changed less, since European settlement, than most other parts of Australia. Its rivers are unfettered, its soils untilled, its beauty untamed.

The ecosystems that underpin all life in this semi-arid land are both robust and fragile: robust enough to thrive in the boom and bust cycles of flood and drought yet, fragile and sensitive to change brought by human activity, pests and climate change.

The Desert Channels region is a land of wide horizons, big skies and few people. It saw the birth of Waltzing Matilda, Qantas and the union movement; the demise of Burke and Wills, and the rise of legends like Sir Sidney Kidman and Harry Redford.

DCQ region map

Predominant land-use is rangeland grazing of cattle and sheep which sustains a decreasing population in the rural areas. Town communities are increasingly sustained by tourism, government and other service industries.

Natural resource management issues, as identified by the community, centre around enterprise sustainability, vegetation and water management along with weeds and feral animals.

The following links take you to brief overviews of the
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