Premier Weed Control

How did a community-based not-for-profit become the premier weed control organisation across one-third of Queensland?

Three years of research, development and innovation, that’s how.  This has enabled us to revolutioniseWeed symposium ad weed control, particularly Prickly Acacia eradication, and recast how landholders and local governments engage in the process.

Our multi-pronged initiative delivers cost-effective, state of the art weed control, genuine hope, and unambiguous results.

  1. Weed PACT program contracts groups of landholders, driven by peer support, commitments to action by specific dates, and assistance incentives.
  2. 5 year weed plans divide labour and cost (DCQ handles ‘high public benefit’ infestations; landholders deal with the balance).
  3. Pioneering satellite weed mapping that builds a landscape scale picture to guide focussed control efforts.
  4. Research and development of Drone application and other new control techniques.
  5. Matching control techniques to weed density and land type to dramatically reduce costs to landholders and funding agencies.
  6. Development of a State-approved Area Management Plan to enable weed control around native vegetation.
  7. Negotiation of an Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority permit to allow chemical application in sensitive areas – enables efficient treatment of critical, ultra-dense infestations associated with watercourses.
  8. Development of a smartphone app, social data collection system and automated, web-based, real-time mapping.
  9. Use of YouTube news stories and field days to share the vision and successes of the Weed PACT program.

DCQ is fuelling the enthusiasm of graziers, researchers, and governments to tackle what was once assumed an insurmountable problem for grazing enterprises and the environment.