The PACT (Positive Action Cluster Team) Program engages, educates and trains landholders in collaborative landscape scale land management to equip them to manage NRM issues on a strategic, landscape scale basis. It sees the development and rollout of a cluster planning and action model across the region.

This model provides peer support on issues and actions that transcend property boundaries, while at the same time using peer pressure to encourage action from individuals.Gidgee Field Day 055

The PACT program aims to have the productive landscapes of the Desert Channels region sustainably managed by self-perpetuating, landholder planning and action groups. This opens the way for targeted investment from multiple sources.

DCQ provides to the groups GIS, mapping, planning, technical support and reporting along with access to specialist experts about the key issues being addressed. The PACT program is also supported by the Regional Landcare Facilitator, who is able to use the current landcare groups and networks as a catalyst for the PACT involvement.  The Auteuil case study makes a powerful case for the PACT Program.