Landholder Support Service Project

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The Landholder Support Service Project is a three year project (2008-2011) and is an initiative of Desert Channels Queensland Inc funded by the Queensland Government’s Blueprint for the Bush Program, a ten year plan to build a sustainable, liveable and prosperous rural Queensland.

This Project

Promoting healthy and vibrant communities through working with partners and creating opportunity and assistance to property based community members translates to stronger communities and rural economies.

For rural and remote communities to increase their ability to own and manage their future they need to continue to build their capacity and enhance community strengths, such as leadership, networks, organisations, and relationships. The landholder support service project plays a major role in this through its service to the landholder based community members.

Providing assistance to Desert Channels Qld property-based community members by offering extension support and guidance from an extension officer assists them to build their capacity. This project’s aim is to engage property-based landholders and the overarching purpose of this project is to provide a landholder support service to the Desert Channels Queensland property based community members.

Working with partnerships,the project officer offers training and support to the Desert Channels regional property based community.

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Project contact

Industry Liaison Officer
Colleen James
or phone 07 4658 0600

Training and information services provided:

Year One 2008-2009

Year Two 2009-2010

Year Three 2010-2011

Naturally Resourceful Women’s Workshops  Information & resources
Climate Change Adaptation Forum Information & resources
Channel Country Sustainable Grazing Forum Information & resources

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