Water Quality Monitoring

Under the Queensland Government Regional NRM Investment Program (EHP Critical Programs: Surat and Galilee Basins Water Quality Monitoring Program) Desert Channels Queensland has undertaken water quality monitoring on behalf of Southern Gulf Catchments and North Queensland Dry Tropics, from January to July 2013, at the following sites:

River Basin Site name Coordinates Gauge No.* No. of times sampled
Flinders Porcupine Creek at “Mt Emu Plains” -20.17752, 144.52325 915011A 8
Flinders River at Glendower Crossing -20.756461, 144.482191 915015A 3
Flinders River at “Etta Plains” -19.736223, 141.255460 915012A 8
Burdekin Burdekin River at Sellheim -20.006327, 146.438191 120002C 4
Cape River at Pentland -20.47614, 145.47501 120307A 1
Campaspe River at Egera Road -20.73306, 146.27944 8
Belyando River at Gregory Development Road (Belyando Crossing) -21.53311, 146.85965 120301B 8
Mistake Creek at “Twin Hills” -21.95652, 146.94219 120309A 8
Native Companion Creek at “Violet Grove” -23.57571, 146.67435 120305A 8
Sandy Creek at Degulla Road -22.95193, 146.54308 0
Belyando River at Capricorn Highway -23.66167, 146.92361 1
Cooper Fish Spring at Edgbaston -22.732445, 145.430849 4
Boundary Spring at “The Springs” -22.17973, 145.37469 4
Cornish Creek at “Bowen Downs” -22.44919, 145.02424 003204A 8
Alice River at Barcaldine -23.64931, 145.21598 003302A 8
Barcoo River at Blackall -24.42675, 145.45834 003303A 6
Thomson River at Longreach -23.40991, 144.22869 003202A 8


*Streamflow data and information for gauge numbers in blue can be found on the Water Monitoring Data Portal on the Department of Natural Resources and Mines website.

The laboratory test results can be seen here

Water quality objectives

DEHP is analyzing all available water quality monitoring data and other technical information to develop draft water quality objectives for all waters for the above catchments.

It is expected that the draft technical documents being developed by DEHP will be available for public consultation in 2014.