Naturally Resourceful Women’s Workshops

Naturally Resourceful – a short course for rural women…

Tambo Naturally Resourceful Women's Workshop    Boulia Naturally Resourceful Women's Workshop June 2009 Group photo    Eromanga Naturally Resourceful Women's Workshop Spetember 2009 Group Photo

Left: Tambo April 2010 Centre: Boulia June 2009 Right: Eromanga September 2009

“Very informative & interactive workshop to give women the tools they need to thrive in the bush & improve their business” Tambo Workshop Participant.

“Great opportunity to learn practical things and to gain self understanding and support to work towards personal and business goals” Winton workshop participant


Bedourie Naturally Resourceful Women’s Workshop October 2010

Who Delivers Naturally Resourceful?

Naturally Resourceful has been developed by Swift NRM and is delivered throughout the Desert Channels region in partnership with Desert Channels Queensland Inc (DCQ). These workshops are funded by the Queensland Government’s Blueprint for the Bush program through the Desert Channels Landholders Support Service Project.

“Extremely interesting and informative in a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere that is very much geared for rural women; a good grounding in rural living with a broad range of information to build strong leadership in a community.” Boulia workshop participant

Interior Design Workshop Tambo  

Mel McAvoy presents the Interior Design Workshop at Tambo & Peter Whip talks about succession Planning

Naturally Resourceful

    • Builds on the resourceful nature of rural and regional women
    • Enhances the involvement of rural and regional women in natural resource and grazing management
    • Helps women to build their skills, knowledge and understanding about natural resource management and property planning

“It was a worthwhile 2 days, the course covered a broad range of subjects and issues that women living in rural and isolated areas face on a regular basis, lots of contacts for further information provided.” Eromanga workshop particpant

Ladies at Boulia workshop enjoy lunch   Chantelle Wells Elrose Station, Lisa Wright NWQPHC and Kate McGlinchey from Macsland Station   Sue Gardiner DCQ and Julia Telford SWIFT NRM

Images from the Boulia Naturally Resourceful Women’s Workshop held at the Shire Hall in June 2009

Aims and outcomes

The course provides a pathway for women to take leadership responsibilities within the natural resource management field, as well as within the social, producer and political groups and committees.

The course is designed to:

      • Encourage participants to take responsibility and action for improved management of the environment
      • Improve participants’ understanding about the links between good natural resource management practices and social and economic viability
      • Develop participants’ self confidence
      • Encourage participants to be more vocal advocates for continued learning within their communities

“Relaxed environment where you opinions are listened to and it is easy to contribute and ask a lot of questions; very suitable for women” Longreach workshop participant

DiSC Personality profile group   Karen Tully, Australian Floodplain Assoc and Fiona Ferguson Belcrombe Station   Wendy Groves from Clifton Station, Kathryn Castles and Janet Foley QSC

Left: Boulia Naturally Resourceful Women’s Workshop June 2009 Middle and right: Eromanga workshop attendees

Workshop Topics

Topics vary from course to course. Listed below are some of the topics that have been addressed at workshops in the DCQ region:

  • DCQ – Who are we? What do we do? Where do we fit? – Colleen James DCQ
  • Sustainability in our region – Julia Telford SWIFT NRM
  • Weeds of DCQ, identification, management, projects and weed control funding opportunities – Ron Beezley DCQ
  • Natural Landscapes, Flora & Fauna –Steve Wilson DCQ
  • Indigenous culture – Ron Beezley
  • Wild Rivers – Karen Tully Australian Floodplain Association
  • Grant Writing and funding opportunities – Sue Gardiner & Colleen James DCQ
  • DiSC Personality profiling – Julia Telford SWIFT NRM – Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four key divisions called personality styles. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity providing a unique profile for each individual. This forms the basis of the DiSC Personality Style profile.
  • Communication – Julia Telford SWIFT NRM
  • Succession planning – Peter Whip PRW Agribusiness
  • Financial rural business analysis – Peter Whip PRW Agribusiness
  • Creative Industries culture & arts development assistance & support – CICADAS @ RAPAD – The CICADAS is developing partnerships and linkages with and between local artisans, cultural practitioners and community groups to help build their capacities and possibilities achieving wide community outcomes
  • Supporting change – Lisa Wright North West Qld Primary Health & Central West Psychology
  • Managing depression – Lisa Wright Central West Psychology
  • Coping with Change – Rosie Johnston Royal Flying Doctor Serviceo 4 Steps for staying positive:1. before you go to bed, write down what you want to achieve on the following day2. start your day with a positive focus3. monitor your day with a focus on the positive4. finish your day on a positive
  • Developing your plan for positive change – Julia Telford SWIFT NRMReminders when doing an action plan1. take time for reflection2. think about what you want to focus on3. plan and take obsticles into account4. ask for support
  • Fitness and wellbeing – Alun Hoggett Longreach Health and Fitness
  • Meditation – Alun Hoggett
  • Body Balance – Alun Hoggett Group Fitness Instructor Longreach Health and Fitness – BodyBalance is based on yoga, tai chi and palates and focuses on maintaining strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and mind/body awareness.

    Steve Wilson DCQ    Eromanga workshop, Peter Whip talks about succession planning

Left: Eromanga BodyBalance class Middle: Steve Wilson’s Biodiversity talk Right: Peter Whip talks about succession planning

Links to resources:

Grant information

When the mind matters


“This website is a good follow up from DiSC and some of the communication work that we did through the Naturally Resourceful workshop series. Might be worth doing when you have 20 minutes free, you go through a series of questions and then it gives you the results in the shape of a wheel with different parts highlighting different areas of development.” Julia Telford.


“I would suggest a beginners DVD. On the second site there is one with a tick next to it as recommended. This site also has pre and post-natal yoga. Some of the others will have challenging poses and may go into the philosophy. They will not have the same abdominal and back exercises as we do in BodyBalance but you will still get a lot of abdominal work if you are doing the poses properly. I have done this style of yoga and found it hard work as well as great for body awareness and flexibility.” Alun Hoggett.

Suggested reading:


Lisa Kelly, Headingly, Kelsey Nielsen,Two Rivers Lindy Patch Boulia and Kalinda CLuff Blair Athol Station   Julia Telford SIFT NRM and Wendy Groves Cooma Station   Sue Gardiner DCQ talks about grant writing and funding opportunities

Left: Boulia Workshop Middle: Julia Telford SWIFT NRM and Wendy Groves Cooma Station Right: Sue Gardiner talks about grant writing and funding opportunities

Left: Tambo Hall hosts Naturally Resourceful Women’s workshop Middle: The Tambo Swimming Club really sets the bar for catering Right: Alun Hoggett leads a meditation workshop