Yapunah Waterhole

Wetlands case studies – Lake Galiliee & Yapunyah Waterhole

Money from the Queensland government was provided to do 2 wetland case studies to demonstrate best practice management of inland wetlands.

Lake Galilee was chosen as it is registered on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia (DIWA), it is recognised as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International because of the numbers of Freckled Duck and Grey Teal that occur there, and because of the great work being done by the landholders around the Lake – The Friends of Lake Galilee – in reducing the infestations of parkinsonia and parthenium to maintain the Lake’s ecological integrity.

Yapunyah Waterhole was chosen as it has been identified as one of a relatively small number of permanent waterholes in the Lake Eyre Basin, thus serving as a wildlife refugia and because of the efforts of the current landholders in preserving and protecting the Indigenous cultural heritage and the riparian areas of the significant waterholes on the property through fencing.

It was decided to try the Wikipedia format so that the information would be widely and easily available and would place the good work being doing in this region on a national and international platform.