Soil Carbon and Gidyea Management

Practical information for western Queensland on managing gidyea for pasture productivity, including fire and grazing practices; soil carbon and what it means to your enterprise; the carbon economy, the role of the Emission Reduction Fund, and insights on how to put together a project; and the virtues of the DCQ Prickly Acacia eradication program.

Barcaldine, Tuesday 30th May, Ken Wilson Pavilion at the Showgrounds – 8:30 am to 4:15 pm

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What you’ll learn:

  • Mechanical clearing dos and don’ts
  • Self-assessment plus rules and regulations
  • Seed bank, grass cover, drought resilience and grazing management plans
  • Implications of fire and grazing practices on gidyea and pasture productivity
  • Interaction between soil carbon and pasture management
  • Soil carbon benefits and challenges
  • Carbon economy and the Emissions Reduction Fund
  • Pasture gains from Prickly Acacia eradication
  • DCQ’s Prickly Acacia eradication program and you

Who should attend:

  • Producers who want to get the most from their land

How much:

  • No charge (funded through DCQ by the National Landcare Program)

What else:

  • Smokos and lunch provided
  • Bookings essential
  • Secure your spot by phoning DCQ on 4658 0600 or, after hours, call Doug Allpass on 0427 427 090.
  • If you prefer, you can book online now by clicking here.


  • David Phelps – scientist with 26 years western Queensland experience in pasture management, particularly Mitchell Grass.
  • John Gavin – 20 years experience with pastoral resource management; specialises in carbon economy and Emission Reduction Fund.
  • Steven Bray – soil scientist for 20 years; specialises in soil carbon and the links with pasture management.
  • George Bourne – Senior Vegetation Management Officer with decades of experience in central and western Queensland.
  • Simon Wiggins – DCQ Acting Operations Manager with extensive experience in weed control, and research and development.
  • Doug Allpass – ex-grazier with a lifetime of practical experience with weeds and pasture management; currently DCQ’s Regional Landcare Facilitator.