We’re celebrating!

26/09/2016 Newsflash 0 Comments

The Sesbania field day was a great success.   We celebrated 3 years of incredible advances in our fight to eradicate Prickly Acacia, including an 8-fold efficiency increase, 10-fold cost reduction, 99.96% kill rate, 8-fold grass cover increase, and a 15-fold grass biomass increase.



There was nothing that impressed people more than standing in the middle of dead Prickly Acacia where, three years before, they were looking at a thriving thorn forest.


And this little machine completely monsters dense and ultra dense infestations with a 99.96% kill rate!


ATV mounted spary units like this are used to create a buffer around mature native trees to protect them from residual chemical under our Area Management Plan.


With approval being granted for the use of Starane in misters, a valuable new tool is added to the innovative toolbox supporting the DCQ Prickly Acacia eradication program.  We use both a tractor-mounted version (above, and a trailer-mounted one (below).



While we apply residual chemical by drone and by hand, we have also perfected this ATV spreader.  Seen above is the Mk3 version.